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Spring Cleaning and Celebrating


Hey Ya'll

Just finished wrapping up my speaking tour with my very own private event. The First ever Mindset Gangster Life and Business Academy. What a ride. It was filled with beautiful souls removing limiting beliefs, replacing them with a new mindset, and practicing self care to design a life they love.

 I was reminded that just as every season changes, so shall we. Sometimes its easy like a new workout, or way of eating . Sometimes its hard , a full deep spring cleaning of old beliefs that no longer serve us.

You see we all have a loop in our brains, we get to choose what it says, but it is really easy to forget that we have that choice. Life keeps us so busy as a Momma, wife, sister, friend, and entrepreneur we start letting old patterns creep back in.

Have you ever felt like man, if I could just replace the messages in my mind with new ones that I could truly  soar. Like, if I just new what my next right move is my life would be so much easier.

Well, if so you are not alone my friend, with every season in your life there will be a need to change, cleanse, and communicate your needs with the ones you love to grow.

Spring is here, flowers blooming, birds chirping, rain showers washing away all of the extra pollen, and time to declutter your life, your home, your business, and sometimes your friends. 

As you grow and change it is sometimes necessary to surround yourself with people who empower, shower, and conspire to inspire with you. 

What if I told you its as simple as creating a morning routine that sets yo up for Success instead of Stress!

Would you do it????


Start here with the 5 vital steps for Self care:

1- S>M>I>L>E

2- Breathe into your heart

3- Ask empowering questions

4- Move your body

5- Give and Receive Love Unconditionally.

Smiling is the simplest act of service you can give everyone in your life or anyone you meet. What if you are the one person that day the smiles and says,  I see you, I value you, and I love you by simply smiling. It also changes your brain, creates happiness hormones, and sends positive vibrations into the world.

Breathe in to your heart and ask it questions that you need help with. We have 40,000  cells in our hearts that communicate with our brains. It gives you wisdom and houses your intuition. When you start to declutter your life, start with your heart.


Of course moving everyday is so important, but did you know that moving in nature changes your brain:

20 minutes makes new hormones

50 minutes reduces anxiety and depression

90 minutes changes your brain and increases your happiness

Spend time with you, look for the beauty, do a mental physical, and spiritual detox.


 I am simply suggesting surround yourself, with people who see your dream and want to help you achieve it.

After all "If a dream has been brought to you it is a goal the Universe wants you to achieve."

Start by checking in with your heart 34 times per day, morning, afternoon and evening:

Morning Magic- 3 minutes

Midday Mojo- 3 minutes

Evening Flow- 3 minutes

9 minutes per day to create space for you to live a life you love. By checking in with your heart you are letting your brain know I am safe, its ok for me to keep going. We dive deeper into this in our Mindset Gangster Facebook Secret Group

By choosing to take care of you you are showing the ones you love how to treat you!

By letting go of the need for someone else's approval, and choosing to live the life you want you are creating even more space for your dreams to come true.


The Universe doesn't know the difference between negative or positive thoughts. It just knows your dominant thought.

So ask yourself;

Would I be friends with the voices in my head?

What do I want to create?

Am I empowering myself with my thoughts?

What am I feeling?

Why am I feeling it?


How can I grow from it?


Empowering questions , practicing the 5 vital behaviors, and choosing who you spend your time with is the first step in decluttering your life to make room for the one you want to create.

Let go of the story in your mind that says what you can or can't do! Believe in the power of being your best you!


If you like this and want to learn more about decluttering your life, mastering your mindset, creating self care routine, and defining success on your terms.

Just click the link to get your 3 Minute Meditation and Start Transforming your life today

I'm Ready to shine

Much Love,


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