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Just a Mom!

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2017

Nothing burns my booty more than to hear a fellow sister or stay at home parent say, " I am just a Mom, I just take care of the kids!"

Every day I get up with the same intention. Give thanks, practice Reiki, exercise my buns off, and spread love everywhere I go. Some how over the last few months of preparing to launch a new business I am able to do it all, take care of my family, practice all forms of love, get my Reiki on as well as shine as much light as possible. All except one consistently, "Exercise"...

Don't get me wrong I am super active, I still do Yoga several times per week, walk my fur babies, and walk on my trail. I just only take the time to sweat like crazy when I am out of town or trying to achieve a goal!

Why, why is it that the one thing that makes everything else so much better when I do it for myself, is the one thing I manage to do last?

The answer is very simple...

I keep my promises to everyone else, but not to myself!

Yikes, there I said it lovelies! I am kicking booty and taking names professionally and personally. I am spreading love every chance I get to everyone but myself.

Why is it as a  "Mom", we label ourselves Last?

What I realized is it really doesn't even matter who, what, where, when, or why?

What matters most is How can I change that?

To be fully present, truly engaged, and continue to help you all I have to make the choice to get my butt in gear. Everyone thinks you have to be perfect, put together, getting this big giant checklist completed all the time.

I say, "Stop"! What are your non-negotiables? What is it that you know you have to do everyday?

For me it changes but here are a few things that never change to not only perform at my highest level but to keep my "Happy" on!

  1. Give Gratitude
  2. Practice Reiki
  3. Meditate twice Daily
  4. Get my Sweat on
  5. Walk in nature

I'll leave you with this :

No one is perfect and everyone has something they need to work on in their lives.

Just breathe, let it go, create a plan, and keep showing up for yourself!

If you feel stuck or know you aren't including something in your routine ask yourself these questions:

What can you add or take away from your daily routine?

How can you continue to grow through my struggles to become my best self?

When was the last time I felt a sustained level of energy all day?

I want to hear what you are working on, so message or comment below!

Message me or comment below 


Keep shining,


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