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Spring Cleaning and Celebrating


Hey Ya'll

Just finished wrapping up my speaking tour with my very own private event. The First ever Mindset Gangster Life and Business Academy. What a ride. It was filled with beautiful souls removing limiting beliefs, replacing them with a new mindset, and practicing self care to design a life they love.

 I was reminded that just as every season changes, so shall we. Sometimes its easy like a new workout, or way of eating . Sometimes its hard , a full deep spring cleaning of old beliefs that no longer serve us.

You see we all have a loop in our brains, we get to choose what it says, but it is really easy to forget that we have that choice. Life keeps us so busy as a Momma, wife, sister, friend, and entrepreneur we start letting old patterns creep back in.

Have you ever felt like man, if I could just replace the messages in my mind with new ones that I could truly  soar. Like, if I just new what my next right move is my life would be so much easier.

Well, if so you are not...

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