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Get your Gratitude on

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2017

 Today I am reminded of the beauty of choice. Every day we have a chance to choose to see the beauty or the mess, the problem or the opportunity, the blessing or keep stressing. 

I think as a Mom, business owner, and a go getter so often I can get caught up in the " I have to do this" mentality. So I remind myself daily, I GET TO DO THIS!

If you have kids you take all over God's green earth in your Taxi, guess what you have kids to take to those places. If you have so much work you are stressed out, woohoo you have a job. If you have a long communte, you have a car to drive yourself to the job you are lucky to have. If you are able to drive your car, you have money to put gas in the tank to take yourself on that long commute.

Wow, right... There is aways a way to find appreciation , joy and gratitiude even in the craziest of tasks. It is all about how you reframe it. What labels you give those small things and the attitude you bring to every situation.

As I am writing this I have decided I get to do dishes, I have the money to buy food that creates the dishes and what a blessing to have those wonderful kiddos to feed:)

If you feel like you are on the hamster wheel and  all of your days are running into the next I invite you to ask yourself these three questions:

1) What am I really feeling right now?

2) How  can I see this differently?

3) What can I choose to grow from this moment?

You see by taking each moment just like a sandwich, "One bite at a time", we can learn to be fully present, appreciate where we are, and start to practice the life of a living in joy!

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Come on Lovely, What are you waiting for?

Ready, Set, Grow,


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