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Mindset Magic/ Revolution for your mind

Uncategorized Dec 05, 2017

Hiya Gangstas,


It is that time of year where visions  of sugar plums are dancing in your head, you're not sleeping in your bed, and you are trying to figure out how to fit everything into your day. Every year at this time we are faced with what we wanted to accomplish verses what we actually accomplished, and everything in between. It is in these moments we can dig deep to re-evaliuate what is truly important and what we want to see. 

Let me explain more: 

It has been quiet a year in our house. Between starting a new business, having our youngest daughter start high school and be in a horrible car accident, to 10Xing our business and welcoming a new grand baby into our ever expanding family. Life has truly had its ups and ups?? 

What don't I mean ups and downs?? No I do not , this is why. I believe that everything in life is happening for me not to me. So even in the struggles I see strengths. During crazy moments we get to choose to find opportunity.  I have decided to finish this year so incredibly strong and I want to invite you to do the same. This my friends is a Growth Mindset, believing we can learn, dig deep and continue to expand our knowledge. When you combine mindset with mindfulness, being aware of the present moment and choosing your thoughts. This is when the magic happens!

I Want Magic

We have a tradition in our home where my whole family, kids included do vision boards, set goals, and own our dreams. It is so much fun to see the kids create and own what is in their hearts. I realized as a Momma , which is my most important job, I put my life on hold and just spend the whole month creating experiences for my kiddos, my hubby, and my extended family. I had been putting so much pressure on myself to make all of their holiday dreams come true. You see some of us, myself included didn't have fond Christmas Memories, it was filled with chaos, drama, and fear. I have worked really hard to embrace that mess and turn it in to blessings as my childhood taught me everything I did not want to be as a Momma. However, in an attempt to make sure my children never felt like a distraction or an inconvenience, I forgot to take care of myself.I know that there has to be more people out there like me who need that added encouragement this time of year and that is why I created our latest challenge! More about that later:)


When meditating and praying last Friday this is what came through loud and clear:


3 C's to finish 2017 strong:

  1. Consciousness- True awareness of self, the ability to stay in the NOW and be fully present in the moment, Deciding to stay in that awareness and transform your life.
  2. Create your energy and intention- Exercise, eat healthy, meditate, breathe and decide how you want to show up in every moment You can generate more energy on command with he right tools and mindset.
  3. Connection- Likes, shares, views, and comments is not the same as a real relationship or a business. Unplug from technology at a certain time every day and truly practice gratitude for the person/people in your life!

We have created and amazing  year , along with our 3 other businesses my heart is full with the amazing clients I serve as a coach, consultant, and soul expander.While I still want to create amazing experiences for my family, my idea of what those experiences look like have changed, because I have changed.  you see I have found my "CALLING":

Marianne Williamson says in  The Law of divine Compensation "  You have a calling simply because you are alive!"

Through a crazy amount of soul work, energy healing, coaching, and just plan digging deep I know beyond a shadow of a doubt why I am here. So, rather than just creating a list of resolutions disguised as goals.I have decided to create a Revolution to finish this year strong. Who is with  me my friends?


To finish strong, serve with love, dream even bigger, and continue to grow our Thrive Tribe of Mindset Gangsta's who want too do the same. 

We are stronger together and empowered by each others energy! We will all RISE Together!

 You see in every day, in every way, we always have a choice to choose our thoughts, consciously create a life we love, see the negative thoughts and reframe them into positive growth, and regenerate our authentic selves. This  is why it is a great time for some new tools, daily inspiration, and incredible motivation to move us all forward in the direction of our dreams this is your true birth right and destiny!

lets do this

Pray this prayer with me by Louise Hay:

In the infinity where I am,

all is perfect, whole, and complete.

The past has no power over me

because I am willing to learn and to change.

I see the past as necessary to bring me to where I am today.

I am willing to begin where I am right now

to clean the rooms my mental house.

I know it does not matter where I start,

so I now begin with the smallest and easiest rooms,

and in that way I will see results quickly.

I am thrilled to be in the middle of this adventure,

for I know I will never go through

this particular experience again.

I am willing to set myself free.

All is well in my world.

 Now examine your thoughts, whatever you believe you will receive my friends. Write down in your journal what come up and let it go!


This is just a small act you can add to your evening routine, to increase your awareness, invite in the good, and celebrate where you are in that very moment.

if you read this far this challenge is for you! There are no accidents, and this message was meant to bring you home to your true self, your highest self and encourage you to be Unapologetically YOU!


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You are LOVED,



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