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SAYING NO to get to the BIG FAT YAAS!

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2017

Wow Gangsters,


Where did this year go? If you are like me you are truly reflecting on the past 10 months. It was exactly a year ago today that I made the decision to change my life and the lives of those I love. The choice for change is one we are all faced with every day. We can look at our lives and say yes to becoming the best and highest version of ourselves or just say I'm fine. I believe F-I-N-E is truly a 4 letter word my loves. I know for me I have and always will be blessed but in this world where violence, scarcity, and division seem be common themes. I knew I had to do something to create more positive ripples in our world. To change the way I looked at my life, and in turn discover the beauty of every obstacle.

What did I do? I chose to make this my year of change. Try new things, travel alone, immerse myself personal development, become a Certified High Performance Coach, reiki Master, and lover of all things life enhancing.

I realized that I was so busy making a life that I forgot to actually create the one that I want. I was stuck trying to climb the corporate ladder and felt disappointed every time I heard, hey you are really funny, but can you tone down your personalty a bit, could you be a little less southern, or my favorite, your hair color really is real isn't it.

Well the Answer to all of these questions was a resounding "NO". I do not want to be less, funny, tone down my sassy pants self, change the way I talk, or change my hair color so someone will take me seriously. What I know to be true now is all of those moments were signs, signs that I have a bigger calling, a mission, a divine  to teach what I know, to help other women to do the same. 

If you have been searching for a sign my loves, this is it. If you keep getting passed over for that promotion, if you can't seem to move beyond your current circumstance, if you are an entrepreneur, your knocking it out of the park financially , but the rest of your life is a freaken wreck... This message is for you

Have you ever stopped to think maybe just maybe all of this things are not happening to you, but for you???? That you are being steered in a different direction and until you decide to see that lesson, listen to the call, and follow your heart you will keep getting more of the same.

There is a beauty in the mess, a blessing only you can see once you take off the blinders. so take off the Real world glasses, and celebrate your obstacles. Today is a great day to look for the blessing and just stop stressing my friends. Your life is a direct result of your thoughts, feeling, and actions. If you do not like the direction you are going, STOP, course correct, get still and choose to take a different road. 

The Road of choosing your thoughts, creating your own happiness, treating yourself with love and kindness, and the Road to your authentic self.

To help you Course Correct, here are a few tips 

These are my 12 Truths for change-

*There are signs all around us every day if you choose to see them

*Getting still, meditate, and breathe into your heart

*You can change your life by choosing your thoughts

*Learning to  love yourself is the greatest gift we can give those we Love

*A Self Care routine will change your life

*Positive Self Talk is the catalyst for self worth

*Walking in nature on a regular basis will bring you more peace

*Clarity comes from doing, so take small actions daily

*You do not have to know your purpose to serve, SERVE and your purpose will be revealed to you when you are ready to receive it

*You can say hard thins with LOVE

* Trade your expectation for an invitation 

*Kindness and compassion are really super powers

Just start today by adding 1 new self care activity into your daily routine:) And if by chance you do not have a self care routine , START one today.

Say a Big Fat YAAS to taking care of yourself, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain my loves. By saying yes to your life and being unapologetically you, you are on your way to becoming who you deserve to be, The happiest person you know.

Are you ready?

Lead, Serve, and Love with your whole heart,


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